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At Tempel Recording, audio recording is our passion but we’ve also worked with the ever-changing video and photography formats for the last twenty years. Coming from an audio background, we look at video and digital photography from a whole different perspective.

Our motto is: "You can tell a quality video by how it sounds."
So not only will your project be shot creatively in HD quality, but the sound will have that professional quality too. See and Hear the difference.

Video & Digital Photography Shooting and Editing for:
Concept Music Videos
On-Location Concerts and Club Performances with Multi-track sound recording
Interviews and Promotional videos
Instructional Videos
Video Transfers
Slide Shows
Video editing to DVD from your videos
Family Events from Births to Weddings, Reunions to Funerals
Family History Interviews
School events: Concerts, Plays, Graduation, Marching Band, Sporting Events
Church Services and Events
Legal Depositions

Any ideas you may have we can talk about it:
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At: 260-482-3190

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