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Live recordings can be the most exciting and dynamic performances you will ever do. Capturing that correctly requires professional equipment and know-how.


No matter if you're in a small club, a large church or hall, an outside concert venue, or an at-home rehearsal space, we can bring the quality of our professional studio to your remote site. Remote video production and web-casts can benefit greatly from our services as well. Ironically, a quality video is subconsciously judged by the quality of the audio. Don't let hollow or distorted sound misrepresent your performance.

Here's how we do it.
First, all audio signals must be split using an isolation splitter, separated and rerouted or remixed to the digital multi-track or video recorders. Tracks are time coded so that punch-in's and over-dubs can be done back in the studio. This gives us the option to be able to fix or edit out unwanted mistakes and to add more tracks to the recording later. We can change the order or add more audience and sound effects.

Remote recording can be more cost effective and productive than multiple studio sessions. When you have a professional recording as well as post-production capability, you can create a CD or a music video that will reflect the performance sound you want.

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