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Are you stumped on what your next fundraiser should be?
Is it tough to get people motivated to volunteer?
Is it hard to find a time and place to hold an event?

We combine professionalism, creativity, and quality, to create profitable solutions for YOU!

Use the talents of your musical groups to make money:
Combine choral groups, jazz ensembles, marching bands, instrumental groups, soloists, or even poetry readings and speeches onto your own recorded project. TEMPEL RECORDING STUDIO is ready to put your project into profit with marketable custom- made CD's and DVD's. These recordings make great gifts for families, friends, and folks who enjoy your music. These people compose an existing sales base that you can readily access.

With the help of Tempel Recording Studio you can:
1) Lower your prices on CD replication through higher quantities
2) Create a CD for promotion and radio air play
3) Generate additional income at live performances

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