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Many people are now doing their recordings at home. This has been the result of the personal computer and the lower priced stand alone digital recorders, mixers, and microphones. This can save you some money in studio time purchased but still there are other costs you will incur.

Don't let the biggest cost be in the lack of quality in your home recordings.
I can help you get the most out of the equipment you have and guide your home studio sessions to ensure the quality sound you need. There is a lot more that goes into a recording than a mic, a mixer, and a recorder. Use the quality equipment at Tempel, combine it with what you have at home and let us help you create a professional sound.

The biggest and most out-front instruments in modern music are the drums and the vocals.
They are the first to be noticed if there is a lack of quality. Drums are the hardest instrument to record correctly, especially for the home recording engineer. Multiple high-end microphones, room acoustics, and tuning of the drums must enter into a symphony of balance. This is generally where a professional studio comes into play.

Drums are usually recorded first. They are the so-called timing chain of the music.
Drums have to be done right because everything is built upon them. As many as 10 or more special mics can be used on them at once. Why spend all that money, upward of $4000, on microphones you would only use on drums? Then there is the room acoustics thing - you know, keeping sound from coming in and going out, reflecting, resonating. The solution? Collaborate with Tempel Recording Studio! Maybe add some tube compression on that kick and snare, gate the toms, a little smooth reverb and you are ready for the next tracks.

After you lay down your drum tracks you can take a submix of them home on a single track and start to perfect your guitar, bass, keys, and other instruments. All through the magic of sync.

At this point you might want to think about coming into the studio and doing your lead vocal.
Hearing the difference in your voice between a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone and what you might have at home can make a huge difference to a vocalist.

Next take it home listen to the songs for a few days.
See if there is anything that you would like to change on any of the tracks. With every step you are getting closer to a final product. Make sure everything is going to work before you proceed to the next step. Fixing can get more costly the further back that you have to go.

You are ready for mix-down.
Mix-down is when you put all the elements of the song together and blend them into a stereo or surround sound file. The room acoustics, flat studio monitors, effects processing, proper level and EQ settings are essential for giving the song its character and balance. You can try this at home to get the feel of the song but it will be much faster and precise to mix in the studio where everything you need is set up. You might want to try it both ways so that you can get alternative mixes to choose from.

Then there is mastering the mix and duplication. Studios have special tools for mastering. Nothing is going to totally take the place of a great recording but mastering, done correctly, can make even a great recording better and levels more consistent.

At this point you've spent your money wisely. You've bought the equipment that you need. You have a high quality recording. The equipment that you bought can be used for home recording rehearsals and writing new songs. It can be used on your next project. The money that you saved not buying excessive equipment can be used on getting your music to the public.

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